12 février 2020

My adventures in New Zealand

Hello, today i'm gonna tell you about me and my friend's trip in New Zealand.

First, you have ton know that going there was my dream since i'm a child so, you can imagine how i was exited about it.

The first day, we discovered the local food like vegemite, roasted lamb... And the afternoon, we've seen a rugby match and the All black have made the haka. It was very impressive beacause they were doing strange faces... 

We haven't do much things this day because we were very tired.

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The second day, we have visited a Nature reserve and there were local animal : kiwi, opossum...

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The third day, we have seen a maori village and meet them. They were very nice with us and we have discovered the hangi : it's their way to say hello. We have learned a lot of things about them ! For exemple, did you kow that when they stuck out tongue and wide-open eyes mean that i'ts a sign of intimidation to the enemy for men, and a sign of a great defiance for women ?

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We spent our fourth day in Auckland. We have done parachute, and it was very scary because i'm afraid of heights but at the end i really had fun ! The vew was amazing. After eating, we have done jet ski and i think it it's the best thing i ever done. The scenery was beautiful and the water was so blue ! At the end of the day, we went to the sky tower at 320 meter high, with the sunset...It was really wonderful and it's an amazing memorie.

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 We spent our fifth day in Rotorua, a beautiful island, where we have been hiking all the day (it was really rude.) We saw spectacular lakes and forests. At the end of the day, we went to the hot water beach and spa. 

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Finally, the last day was really cool. We went shopping, beach, swimming pool at the hotel.. And we decided to get a ta moko : it's a maory tatoo who represent a person's identity, origin and bravery. For us, it was a different way to bring back home a memorie. Here is mine : 

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The next day we went to airport for go back home. I was really sad to leave, but best things have an end...



I'll never forget this trip : it was so beautiful and my best friends were with me. It's the best trip i ever done.


Thanks you for reading my blog and maybe see you soon for new adventure !



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